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I Traveled Around 300 Miles to Central PA For a Small Park Called Little Buffalo...


Last week I packed up 3 suitcases for a small camping trip in Pennsylvania with some of my future roommates and their buddies. It was loads of fun even if it rained for long periods of time during the trip. Yes, it was little, if you weren't quick to turn you would have entered and left before you knew it. Honestly I think the parks up in the Hudson Valley are probably the best, but I'm a diehard New Yorker, born and bred, so it's in my veins to be biased. There were a few sights to see at the park including a really cool water power mill. There were butterflies everywhere and we even saw a crane, both really hard to catch by camera. But now I'm back and officially left work so I hope I can get sewing done before I pack up my things for college by the end of the month.

During the bouts of rain we went inside our cabin and played this unusual rip-off of D&D made in the '80s which ensued lots of laughter. We did a bit of hiking when the sun was out and eventually got a fire started to make some traditional s'mores. We stayed in a cabin with electricity, a hot stove for breakfast, and someone actually brought a fridge for the cold-sensitive items. To me, this was like going up to my Canadian mountain house, except the toilets are located in his house instead of a shower house a walk away. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Though I think his house is better (well, it's not 300 miles away, lol!)

All in all I was glad to come home, I don't feel very vintage-y wearing camping gear. Obviously I packed clothing for convenience and comfort since I couldn't see myself wearing vintage hiking, even if I wanted to. It would definitely make for some unusual stares! But as soon as I got home I couldn't wait to get back into a two piece knit suit, some control-top pantyhose, my beloved eyeliner pencil, and brush the dust off my teasing comb. I'm so use to 'the look' that going days wearing contemporary clothing was just awkward. Never again! lol! I just don't feel myself AT ALL!

Wonderful perks of living in NYC suburbia, everything is open at ridiculous hours

I like to put as much stress as I can on myself to see how far I can go without having a nervous breakdown. My new reality is I'm forced to go grocery shopping at 12AM because I have no more free time left on my schedule. I guess I'm not the only one being stretched. Sewing is pretty nonexistent lately. However, I do find time to knit. I think it's because it's easy to multitask. I don't have the loud motor going off at intervals, I can take it where ever, and I can concentrate on other things like my GRE prep videos while I knit. At least I have an idea on how to keep this blog alive except small posts every week on how busy I am.

Last year I had the incredible experience of going to the New York State Wool and Sheep Festival located in Rhinebeck, New York. Yes, the same place the Clinton daughter got married. I was actually doing my internship pretty close by that summer and got the scoop on all the event drama by neighbors. Small towns in Hudson Valley have a way of spreading good dish like wildfire. Anyway, so when a gorgeous town hosts a mega yarn fest you can definately count me in! I had no idea how big it was until I got there and I wasn't suppose to buy anything either.

I was good, until the end of the day while I was walking to my car I found the most amazing stall. Briar Rose Fibers. It's everything I could ever want in yarn. Pure handspun wool, handdyed in beautiful colors, with a rustic medieval feel. $55 for 700 yds seemed like a good deal to me. Unfortunately, I couldn't find 2 skeins, but maybe that's a good thing. I am as broke then as I am now.

So this has been in my stash for over a year. I had a limited supply of Abundance in this colorway so I wanted to make sure it was the perfect pattern. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough for a sweater and I am so done making berets and scarfs.

Did I tell you I'm also a big fan of Brooklyn Tweed? I dare you to take a look. This is what modern knit companies should be. It's if L.L. Bean and Paton's Classic Wool decided to get married and have a baby called Brooklyn Tweed. How can you not adore a pattern called the Levenwick or Peabody? I happened to like the simplicity of the Guernsey Wrap. "Fisherman inspired texture" and it's a little wider than your average scarf? Count me in! Pattern was only $5 and I felt for the yarn it was justified, but I try not to buy patterns if I can help it, not with the great Raverly resource. I'm calling it the Harvest York Wrap, since autumn is harvest time here in the HV and I live in New York.

Not really creative, but it works

Just to let you know that the blog isn't forgotten, just highly ignored. I just acquired a very desired internship as a gallery assistant, as if my plate isn't full enough! I hope I can update a bit on work once some of the shows are organized and maybe what things I'll wear, it's possible I might be inspired to make a few things for the openings. However, don't be surprised at the sporadic updates.

So, I haven't updated in a while. I've been completely up to my head in work. My day has consisted so far of coffee, studying, eating, sleeping. Rinse. Repeat. Who said senior year was easy? I had the amazing pleasure of taking the revised GRE test last week and did amazingly bad. Bad enough I would feel humiliated posting my score. For those of you that might be overseas or it's been a long time since college, the GREs are also known as the Graduate Record Exam. Most liberal arts, social science, and humanities graduate programs require it for admissions. Think of it as a big SAT to get to grad school.

Well, like the SAT when I took it, they revised it

They tricked you by giving you a 50% off price tag so you wouldn't take the old one and when you got there realized they added 2 essays and made it even more difficult than before. ETS is a bunch of bologna. My father had the amazing heart (and pocket) of signing me up for the Kaplan prep course. So besides writing my senior thesis (which is a problem in itself right now) I have been blessed with studying my social life away to kill this Moby Dick of an exam. I'm going to work on my quilt today, finally! But don't expect a post too soon.

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