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Fit for Real People

Song Kyung

Even though Jane's instructions were amazingly clear it took my little beginner brain actually seeing the movement - after that it was so easy and I'm a Bias convert! Sorry for the picture below, I know how eerie (and boring) faceless pictures are but I'm not up to posting my silly facials on the Internet yet... give me time!

So what do I like about it?

Well it's really pretty, and Tasia's instructions were invaluable for a beginner. Also it seems like one of those patterns that you could make loads of little adjustments to make each blouse unique. Look at me! Talking like I know about sewing. I say it because I've seen a few alterations like Jane's below and they're really cute - I'm even going to attempt my own!

What don't I like about it?

My complaints are currently limited to my own talent. I found it a bit difficult to work with such slippery fabric, especially when it came to cutting. The only other thing was fitting - My abilities of tissue fitting are horrible but I take zero blame for that - I'm currently under the impression you need to have as many arms as Shiva, a gazillion-jointed-spine, and eyes in the back of your head (or a dress form worth AU$450) to be able to fit on your own body. So I've caved and just ordered 'Fit for Real People' hopefully those divas on the front cover will show me how to wear shoulder pads with pride!

What about doing French seams?

Eep! After doing French seams on the shoulders I got totally distracted by my bias-tape dilemma and forgot to do them! From my limited experience they were super easy, and they look much nicer than my other seams as I kick it old-school and don't have a Serger... that's just how I roll.

Would I make it again?

Heck yeah Grizzly Bear! I've already got my fabric and I'm going to make a few adjustments to the pattern so it fits better, not to mention do it a little 'neater' this time. I might even be adventurous and make a few minor changes with the detail? I'm thinking buttons, because who doesn't like buttons? If you want to see more you can check out the Flickr Group, but I just had to point out the one below because I think she's hot stuff.

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