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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

It's confirmed. Jennifer Lawrence has been cast as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games. Hitler has won. The Aryan super race are taking over. A little dramatic? Not when casting directors choose a blonde, buxom, pale-skinned actress to play a character blatantly described as someone with olive skin and dark features. It seems The Hob's article on whitewashing the role of Katniss was right on the money. Look, don't get me wrong, I think Lawrence is one of the most talented actors of my generation — her performance in Winter's Bone was incredible and she carried Lori Petty's The Poker House. But she's not Katniss. Or maybe I'm just being an obsessive fan? Meh, I just think Emma Roberts or Jodelle Ferland would have been better choices.

I first picked up the news over at Screen Rant and with this latest development, I think it's safe to say the filmmakers will be going with older-looking actors for Peeta and Gale — given Lawrence is 20 already and the film's a whole year off from release. Which means the smart money would be on Alex Pettyfer and Thomas McDonell for Peeta and Gale respectively. The only casting I'm interested in now is Prim and Haymitch *grumble grumble*.

With my last few Hunger Games posts I've included some of the rad fan art I've found online, and this is definitely another gem courtesy of the talented Elontirien over at Deviant Art. It's Katniss and Rue in the arena sharing the Gosling. High five.

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