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The look for men
    Men trends are always one step behind ladies trend, I love the simple styles that can match colour contrast.There many types of styles as well as looks for men...casual, smart, feminine, retroand classic. It's what you find comfortable
  • by Barbie
  • by Barbie
  • The “in” thing is floral but small prints and the main colour in Europe is peacock Green. Draping hoody and Printed T-shirt mainly of old school rock stars and legends are big trends. The short are above the knee and has a formal cut and style to them. Plaid is still very trendy...the colours are becoming more and more brighter with contrasting colours in them./>I see the trend in SA is cut out vest and T-shirt to give an edgy look as well as casual chic with skinny jeansand sneakers/slops.
  • by Barbie

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The look for men {inspiration}