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My two best friends from California came over to my place in France for two weeks, and ugh its only been a few days or so since they left yet I feel like it's been a year. I swear you can never spend enough time with good friends, never. Had the most fantastic time though, overdosing on bread and cheese, wine by the fireplace at night, going to the beach more than once, endless deep conversations, getting hooked on Gossip Girl together, and pretty much just catching up on a year spent apart. Our next trip? Mexico haha for Summer '14. Well, at least that's the dream as of now.

Here I was thinking that Summer would be the perfect time to just hardcore blog, turns out I was just as busy as during school. Oh well, I guess blogging will have to become a weekly thing for me rather than my ambitious every-second day plan (which I epicly failed). I posted the pictures of our two weeks together in France, all after the jump.

As glorious as London was, it's left me friggen exhausted. You guys have no idea how nice it is to just be back home; dad's cooking, watching movies till three in the morning, and just doing nothing for hours on end. You know, those simple pleasures I that I somehow always seem to miss out on. Too bad I have like a years worth of SAT studying to catch up on and too much Summer homework... Fingers crossed I'll get my ass off Asos to do it soon ;) So excited for Tuesday though, when two of my best friends from LA/Chicago are coming over for a few weeks. 5. More. Days.

Oh and umm, these from Nine West in Dark Taupe or Burgundy Suede (or blue as seen in the picture though not yet on the site), thoughts? I figure they're a nice fall/winter boot, with the perfect height of heel, nice reddish/brown colors to match the season, and cute with some loose black or gray peek-a-boo socks paired with anything short. I fell in love with them after seeing them on Nitrolicious, I mean, they're cute aren't they?

I've been a complete bitch for not updating the blog in so long, really can't say sorry enough times. Highwaiisted is important to me, it really is, London was just so overwhelmingly busy I'm afraid it was the last thing on my mind. However, I'm back home now and ready to update this shit like never before (and this time, I mean it). Below are photos from the two week trip, the first from the Fashion Styling course I did at Central Saint Martins, and the others mainly from markets I visited.

I'm also sending my love and good wishes to my fellow Norwegians. What happened is an absolute disgusting tragedy, but all we must do is remember to stand together during this difficult time, doing our best to support one another and make sure that nothing similar ever happens again.

Can't wait to leave for London, it's coming up so soon and all I can think about is what to pack, where to go, etc. I'm signed up to attend two weeks of courses at Central Saint Martins which include a portfolio class (which I wanted to attend to get a start on mine incase I do want to study fashion for uni) and a fashion styling class (being that as of now, I want to be a fashion editor). Do any of you have any ideas to cool places to shop, things to see, and cafes or restaurants to dine at? I'm definitely eager to check out all the thrift and second hand stores, markets, and to see all the sights. Stumbled upon it on Solestruck just now. I swear in all honesty, my life will not ever be complete till the day me and these join feet.

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