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Mens Fashion
    If I were amale, I would follow indie/rockbands stylesuch asThe Kings of Leon, The Strokes and Incubus etc.
  • They know how to dress, its effortless and theylook hot!!! Leather jackets, hightops, T-shirts, hats and skinnys comes to mind when I think of these wonderful bands!!! These people help the trend and make trends...If you have your own style stick with it, be creative add a few accessories to your outfit./>I'm in the process of making a mens range that will be out end of this year and its called Sparrow, I decided to get inspiration from bands, Men in South Africaand also a touch of New York style as well!!!/>Ripped vests, graphic/flannel T-shirts, baggy long jerseysand foldedstrip shirts with collars and many more. Bright as well as dark colours contrasting together...SUCCESS!!! butdifferent patterns on one outfit just looks likeone ofpicasso's paintings NONONO!

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