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Lucky Girl + Burberry + Tennis = Love

Burberry Dress

Serena Williams didn't make it to the ESPYs, but she did manage to strut her stuff at some super fancy gala a couple of weeks ago. The bazillionth-time Wimbledon champ traded in her high tops and war cries for a gorgeous Burberry mini dress that I would probably trade a hot date with a shirtless Bradley Cooper for. I feel like the shoes are a miss for me again, but I will take that dress and her credit limit please :)

On a side note, USA soccer stud Landon Donovan announced on the ESPYs red carpet that he isn't going to be a baby daddy anytime soon! Anyone else think that they should just start adding paternity tests to the gift bags at this show? I mean, it could get Tiger Woods to show up next year...

When the super beautiful meet the super athletic...

So last night a bunch of supermodels and pro athletes came together to get their ESPYs on, and somehow I ended up crying 4 times during the show. FOUR! But, in my defense, at least 2 of my blubbering meltdowns were brought on by shots of a Kardashian-less Reggie Bush...


People, it pains me to inform you of this, but the epic romance between Kim and Reggie is officially no more. I know this has been hard for all of us to accept, but I just don't think that their love is strong enough to come back from this one. Feel free to take a moment if you need it... Although, despite the lack of the any Kardashian booty, there was still plenty of hottness to go around...

Gearing Up

To continue sports week, I would like to address an issue that has been plaguing female fans for decades... What the hell to wear to a ball game? The boys have it easy. They can just throw on a jersey or t-shirt, grab a beer, and enjoy all the macho male bonding to be had. But, it's trickier for girls. Some of us don't want to be confused for a 13 year old boy. Some of us would rather have that effortless but damn doesn't her butt look cute in those jeans style. For me, I like to wear something that I can have fun and relax in, while still showing my immense love and support for my wardrobe.

Honeymoon style - I married a hockey player edition

Carrie Underwood is officially off the market! And, I have to say, I've never seen a girl make the walk of shame look so good. I mean, didn't anyone tell these two that the airport is the one place where no one really expects you to look so damn cute? I'm almost starting to feel like my snuggie might not cut it the next time I fly... ALMOST.

Going to Miami

Although I may be a girl who color codes her wardrobe and daydreams of 4-story malls, you can rest assure that the world according to ESPN will never be lost on me. In fact, thanks to Lebron peacing out of Cleveland and everything world cup soccer, I'm pretty sure it's not lost on anyone right now.

Personally, I didn't think THE DECISION stole enough of my youth, so to honor Lebron taking Miami with Kourtney and Khloe and the vuvuzelas getting their final blow, I give you Sports Week - JAMMERFIED. First up, we have Alessandra Ambrosio's take on the oh-so-subtle style of footballer WAGs... I would like to believe that this was meant to be a humorous exaggeration of gold diggers gone wrong, but I'm afraid that we are really just getting a glimpse of what life would be like if Snooki ever snagged Cristiano Ronaldo.


Dudes, I freaking cooked! This is monumental. I mean, I can barely boil water without causing chaos and mass destruction. But that is all behind me now, because last night I roasted myself some cauliflower. First, I heated the oven to 400 degrees. Then, I cut and rinsed a head of cauliflower. So far, so good. I think I'll take my michelin star now, thank you.

Also, thank you to the Carrie of this free bird for the Versatile Blogger Award! You are too funny, and I love reading your comments just as much as your posts :) Sorry again for all of the confusion I caused for deciding to play around with the import/export feature! I promise to stay out of trouble and stop messing around with blogger every time I get too much time on my hands :)

Getting Lucky

If you can't tell, I kinda loved this month's issue of Lucky. Ali Larter is on the cover, but I couldn't tell you why, because I didn't actually bother to read any of the words next to all of the pretty clothes... What can I say? Lucky is my Playboy. I buy for the pictures not the articles. I decided to play around with the import feature because I got bored, so that's why a bunch of older posts are just now showing up!

P.S. Her new hubby is the guy in the background with the big goofy grin on his face. Congrats dude, you may be a big hockey name in Canada, but everywhere else you will now be forever known as Mr. Carrie Underwood.

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Lucky Girl + Burberry + Tennis = Love {supergirl}