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Fun in the Pretty Sun
    Yes Summer is on its way!!! The word Bikini comes to mind and I have to designswimwear for male and female...its tough because everyone has different body shapes and different opinions about swimwear...so it's hard to justify what is a good bikini.
  • I have to seek the latest trends in fashionto imagine and research my ideal bikini and I think I may have found it...one shoulder fitted andit'sanimal print to give it an edge. I would love to be a bikini designer because I think everyone needs to have the perfect bikini for swimming and tanning. Its hard to find a great fitted bikini...so its my mission in life to change that but in time.There are lots of things wrong with bikinis besides the fit, its can easily be see through, stretch so much that you can't wear it anymore, the bottom or the top is too small and the list goes on. Its true that most bikinis cost an arm and a leg but most of the time they are worth it, but in some cases it's like throwing your money away. Make a right choice mix different top and bottoms together. if you have small bust and bigger bottom area then wear a top that is brighter in colour and the bottoms should be dark. It also has to do with the patterns on the bikini could flattern your shape or make you look bigger and rememberbikinis are like clothes.
  • by Barbie

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Fun in the Pretty Sun {fashion}