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Buying new clothings with a twist!!!
    This is a Fashion blog yes, But what if I refer an item of clothingas if it were a man?! Let just say you’re shopping for a great outfit, maybe you see a fantastic item on a hanger and you think wow that looks gorgeous and you go to the changing room to try it on look in the mirror and think maybe it looks good on someone else./>If the fit is wrong and the cut just doesn’t compliment you, but somehow you are blind to it then accidentally buy it and you regret your decision you made…Oops! Replacing would be a good option./>Next time you go shopping for a man…Umm I mean an outfit, Be careful and look closely to special detailing on the garment and seriously analyze the whole outfit./>Don’t waste your time if there are marks, stains or holes in it, then seriously walk away use your brain not your heart.The phrase ‘been there done that got the T-shirt’ comes to mind…happy shopping

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Buying new clothings with a twist!!! {fashion}