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A Majesty of the Mailbox

Mail-box by WOW Barbie

If the theater begins with a hanger, but the house of course begins with a mailbox. As though that may be, the real mail never replace the Internet, all because this type of the communication is a kind symbol of USA, thus various type of mailbox and posts is the lifestyle for Americans because it stylish and laconically.

Custom mailbox by WOW Barbie

Many countries have tried to adopt the similar symbolism, but few have succeeded. Not inculcate the habit of every morning to check the mailbox, it's hard work. An elementary part of given tradition exists in Great Britain, but this is a privilege of the aristocracy. It's expensive pleasure, but mailboxes have luxury style with rather democratic price.

My mailbox by WOW Barbie

In third world countries (Russia, Africa, Asia) a function of the mail performs a big mailbox with a slot for letters, nothing unique — a simple steel box. This box will open once a week and letter go to the addressees. All the matter in the low literacy plus the post services, which work slowly than turtle.

The Postman

In terms of promotion the mail of USA to great symbolism, the «Postman» (directed by Kevin Costner) — was endowed with great strength. I strongly recommend to see this cult movie. Over 2.5 hours the hero of Kevin Costner will deliver messages to custom mailboxes of Post-apocalyptic States of America, for restore the National Post Service and for revival of civilization.

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