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The Film Adaption of the Popular Video Game Max Payne

Max Payne

Max Payne — Popular Video Game

The film adaption of the popular video game Max Payne has got me marking October 16, 2008 on my calendar with a big red YAY. As far as video game to film adaptions go all have been crap. Yes, that’s right, ALL. Think Doom, the Resident Evils, Final Fantasy, Hitman. Need I say more? I’m not sure whether it’s the slick trailer or edgy movie posters that have got me hoping Max Payne is the exception. It also might have something to do with Mark Wahlberg playing the title character.

Not only is he a fine actor and at home in the action role he’s also, as a work colleague described, `total hotness’. The story is pretty basic and more of an excuse for lots of action and violence; however, it’s the cast who will pull this one off. After his wife and child are murdered as part of a conspiracy DEA agent Max Payne goes on a hunt to find those responsible. He teams up with assassin Mona Sax who’s out to avenge her sister's death. To add a bit of fuel to the raging inferno police, mob and a corporation are also hunting the pair.

With Oscar nominee Wahlberg taking the lead his portrayal of Payne is likely to be high calibre. What’s even more enticing is the stellar support cast of Mila Kunis, Ludacris and Chris O’Donnell. Kunis is looking like she’s on her way to becoming a huge star thanks to her interesting choice in movie roles. Best known for being a central character on That 70s Show, she has also played a serial killer/psychopath in the sequel to American Psycho which was creatively titled American Psycho II.

More recently she proved she can pull off comedy in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and only time will tell if she can handle being an action gal when she takes the reins in Max Payne as Mona Sax. Rapper by day and actor by night Chris "Ludacris" Bridges is always good and former Batman sidekick O’Donnell is a strong performer in heavy, action laced roles.

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The Film Adaption of the Popular Video Game Max Payne {video game}