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Garden Party quilt
It is finished! And just in the nick of time!
This is my mom's Christmas gift. It is queen size, by far the biggest quilt I have ever made. The thing was an absolute beast, and both my little machine and my body took quite a beating. I made this using Anna Maria's Garden Party line - my mom fell in love with them and I have been keeping this a secret for awhile now! I used 28 different fat quarters ordered from sewlovefabrics on Etsy. For the quilting, I used Gutterman %100 cotton thread and did a fairly close stippling, my first time doing free motion. It was time consuming but pretty fun and easy once I got the hang of it. The back is a pieced Cyan blue Kona cotton solid and it turned out a bit wonky so I don't want to show it to you. Luckily when it was washed and dried all the flaws mostly disappeared. Since I was in a rush I also tried machine binding for the first time, which for me was a disaster. I'm leaving it as is for now and then I will undo and hand bind it before it goes on her bed.
I hope she loves it! I am really excited to give this to her. I need to get in all wrapped up in time for tomorrow, so goodbye for now!

Wishing all of you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!!!!


Garden Party quilt {quilt}