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Finishing up and finding balance
Pattern inspiration

Today was the first day in weeks that I have felt like my old self. At twelve weeks along, I'm officially (depending on who you ask or what book you consult) into my second trimester, so maybe my body has finally exited off of the major hormonal roller coaster it's been riding. I know I should be grateful I haven't been subjected to morning sickness, but I think I've made up for it in the crazy, weepy, insecure, irritable head I've been living in lately. Let's just say I haven't been a barrel of monkeys to be around. Besides these fun pregnancy side effects, my bionic fatigue has been compounded by my sweet little girl who has become downright nasty at naps and bedtime, leaving me riding about six hours a night of sleep, some of which has been spent on her bedroom floor, desperately trying to get her into a calm slumber. Add in the constant internal obsession I have to be constantly creating but no time in which to do it and top it off with crafting deadlines and the pressure to make a perfect homemade holiday, and it stands to reason that all I've really been feeling like is a big hot mess. Oh, and did I mention that I've already gained seven pounds (thanks to dear Mark's successful attempts at trying to perfect his pasta making skills, and my intense craving of anything sweet, gooey and baked)? Not quite so cute and pregnant looking yet, just really paunchy! It's no fun feeling this crappy anytime, but especially not at the most merry and bright time of the year.

Okay, enough complaining already! Today the sun came out and I didn't cry even once. I had the energy to do a little Christmas shopping and finish up my pillow for round four of the Pillow Talk Swap. Those curved hexagon stars didn't really lend themselves to the traditional square shaped pillow, so I stuffed it myself in a hexie shape. For the back I went with a simple grey and white dotty print from Momo's It's a Hoot line and bound it with some Kei dots. I like how it turned out pretty well, and I hope it's to my partner's liking, too.

Pattern inspiration

It feels good to have a couple of things finished or in the final touches stage. My Honey Cowl is all done up and getting lots of wear - they say the cowl is the "must have" winter accessory this year! Mine is knit with some luxurious Madeline Tosh Pashmina in cerulean and it's super soft.
I've also finished a couple of bee blocks and believe it or not I'm already quilting my Christmas Pickledish quilt. I'm hoping to finish up another dolly for Lucia from the Wee Wonderfuls book for Christmas, but other than that I'm going to take a big, huge break from expectations on myself and try to enter 2011 with a fresh crafty slate. Until then, keep your fingers crossed for me that the hormonal monster doesn't return:)


Finishing up and finding balance {pillow talk swap}