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Bliss Daisy Chain Quilt
Pattern inspiration

This one has actually been finished for almost a month now, but I've had a dreadful time getting any good photos of it so I've put off showing it to you. The weather and lighting has been dark and dreary up here for a long time now, making outdoor quilt photo shoots out of the question. You'll just have to take my word for it that this one is much prettier in person.

Pattern inspiration

It's easily the most "traditional" of all the quilts I've made, so a big departure from my usual style, but I really ended up liking it. I had a couple of jelly rolls of Bonnie and Camille's Bliss line, with no real direction to go with them until I was browsing around my LQS and found the book "Jelly Roll Quilts" by Pam and Nicky Lincott. I'm not usually a fan of using pattern books or regimented cutting and piecing instructions, but when I saw the Daisy Chain Quilt pattern and remembered Brioni's gorgeous quilt, I decided to try it out. It was a very simple pattern to follow and came together quite quicky for all those little squares. The neutral is Kona Bone.

This was actually a birthday gift for my mom back in October, but due to the quilting time I grossly underestimated, she didn't get to take it home until Thanksgiving! Good thing moms are patient people. I think the timing was okay, though, because it sort of has a holiday feel to it, don't you think?
I quilted it with a free-motion cathedral circle design, something else that was inspired by Brioni's quilt. It was surprisingly easy to do once I got in the groove, just time consuming. But totally worth it and I think it adds to the old-fashioned charm.

Pattern inspiration

I was thinking I haven't shown you a glimpse of old Norm in ages! The poor guy is having a bit of cabin fever these days and really isn't interested in mom's new fabric or quilts. For his Christmas gift this year, he's asking Santa (aka Mark) to take him one day a week to Camp Happy Paws for some play time, so if he can manage to stop eating off of Lucy's high chair and running through our backyard mud puddles, he might just get his wish. 
This pretty stack of fabric is from Tula Pink's new Parisville line, and let me tell you how beautiful it is in person, especially if you love bright gum drop colors. I have a pattern all picked out for these, but for now they are just going to sit on my shelf and look pretty.

Pattern inspiration


Bliss Daisy Chain Quilt {tula pink}