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Dreamy Windmills Quilt
Pattern inspiration

Before I do anything, I have to say a huge thank you to you all for such lovely, helpful and sometimes hilarious comments on my Arrrgh!!! post. You sure all do know how to make a girl feel better! When I first started blogging and flickring, it was to share my projects with whomever cared to see them, but I really think I've kept at it because all the supportive, caring - dare I say friendships? - I've made here. It's not that I don't have "real" friends in my "real" life, I've got lots of great ones, actually. But the kindred spirits I've connected with here understand the part of me that obsesses over fabric, curses my sewing machine and gets my panties in a bunch over quilts puckering. No one else in my life besides you guys gets it! So thanks for being here:)
I think all of your collective empathetic encouragement and sweet advice did the trick! Dreamy Windmills is by no means perfect, but guess what? No puckering! I adjusted my presser foot pressure as a few of you suggested and it really made a world of difference. Serves me right for not taking the totally free Bernina classes offered at my LQS that it never occured to me that was a big problem. I also succumbed to the temptation of basting spray for the back, but I doubt I'm pregnant yet so it's only my own brain cells I'm offing. And lots and lots of pins, every one I own, for the front.

Pattern inspiration

We got outside to take a few shots this afternoon, but as you can see, autumn has landed in Seattle, and a blustery storm is rolling in.

Pattern inspiration

Here is a more cozy indoor photo:

Pattern inspiration

Isn't Dream On such a pretty line? I chose the orange stripe print from the line for the binding and I'm completely in love with the print I used for the back. It's a big cheater print that comes in two colorways and is perfect for backing if you're like me and usually just want to get to it and not have to bother piecing the back for interest. I used four charm packs combined with the Kona Ash solid in simple half triangle square Windmill blocks. If you're thinking it looks different than most Windmill quilts, it's probably because I set these on point. After it was washed and all cozy and crinkly, I decided there was still something missing, so I'm going back now and hand-quilting some of the star outlines. It measures a generous 60x60 and Mark thinks it's a little bit girly but somehow I doubt that will stop him from using it.

Welcome to the bunch, Dreamy quilt!

Pattern inspiration

Oh yeah, you probably want to know who won the City Weekend jelly rolls! Here we go!

Number 284 Mary on Lake Pulaski

Number 293 Weatherbee:)

Number 71 Jennspen

Congratulations ladies! I'll be in touch soon to get your mailing addresses. I can't wait to see what you make with City Weekend!


Dreamy Windmills Quilt {inspiration}