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Destash Sale Coming!
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In order to avoid a visit from the Hoarders television crew, I have decided it is time to part with some of my beloved fabrics. As you can see, my stash might be just a little bit out of control. And this is just a little part of it. There's much, much more. 

Don't get me wrong, seeing all these mountains of fabrics everyday brings me great joy. But I could sew every day until eternity and still not use it all up. Plus, there is always something new to buy!

And then there might be one other little reason I want to unload some of these precious beauties:

Don't laugh at me.... I went and fell in love with Blythe dolls. (If you aren't sure what a Blythe is, just search for them in Flickr and you can see millions of people's prized dollies, all complete with handmade outfits and custom hair-dos). A few of my favorites are here and here and here. (Yes Katy, I have a crush on your girls). I got these two little miniature Blythe dolls at Target to help tide me over until I can get my hands on the real thing - 

Pattern inspiration

They are super cute and Happy Meal sized, and best of all, cheap. But the real deals are 12 inches tall, imported from Asia and expensive. So, I'm cashing in some of my stash to pay for this new frivolous obsession. Plus, Mark is not really on board with the idea of his wife starting a doll collection that Lucy is not allowed to touch, so this is my only way!

Okay, I know you are all saying "who cares about Blythe, Megan, what are you getting rid off???"

Pattern inspiration

I have a fat quarter bundle of 19 different prints from Amy Butler's Lotus collection, my favorite line she ever produced. I'm still in the process of making a king sized Lotus quilt for our bed, and this is some of what I have to spare. Most of these prints have been out of print for awhile now and some are impossible to find.

I also put together a fat quarter bundle from Tula Pink's Flutterby line, which I fell for well after printing and ordered from all over the country. 

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Lots of rare japanese fairy tale prints to go through - I'm still not sure what is going or staying. They are hard to let go of but I know they will make someone else very happy!

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And I may just be letting go of a Flea Market Fancy layer cake or two! I purchased these from an Australian quilt shop about a year and a half ago and they include lots of desirable prints, even brown posies and grey bouquet. I'm adding a few extra prints from my own stash to sweeten the deal.(****I should also add here that these were made up by a quilt shop and do not include every FMF print, but enough for a good sized quilt!)

Pattern inspiration

I do want to state here that I have never destashed fabric before and it does make me a bit uncomfortable because I do not want to be perceived as a gouger. All of these fabrics are rare and hard to find, and I am not trying to make a large profit from them, just get the value I put into them and buy myself a new Blythe! And hopefully in turn make their new owner happy.

Lucy just went to sleep so I am spending the evening going through everything else. I am thinking of adding some Uptown, Lush, Munki Munki, Heather Ross, Neptune, maybe some more FMF and even a little Anna Maria Bohemian to the list. 
If you are interested in anything here or are looking for something in particular let me know. I just wanted to let you all have a crack at it before I list it on Etsy. Please email me at meggied23 at hotmail (dot) com. if you need more info.

And don't worry, this will still be a quilting blog. But I might have to show you a cute Blythe doll every now and then:)

****Just wanted to let you all know I've already got a lot of inquiries so please don't be upset if I can't answer your email until tomorrow early afternoon:)


Destash Sale Coming! {inspiration}