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Pattern inspiration

In the spirit of full disclosure, and because a little empathy always seems to help me feel better, I'm going  to share with you the crappy crafty day I'm having. As much as I love the tons of inspiration I get from reading blogs and cruising Flickr, sometimes I just have to wonder, are these people human? Some of these ridiculously talented crafters never seem to have a pucker, hole, bump, missed seam, chopped off point, crooked line or unintentional wonky quilt block in all the hundreds of gorgeous projects they endlessly churn out. And I have to love them, because the only make me aspire to be better. But I happen to be a mere mortal, and all this crafting is for me, a journey, as cliche as that sounds, of learning.  And the thing I love most about crafting is the process. But today, I would really rather be perfect!!! I just don't have time for this and I really wish I could be making forward progress instead of having to backtrack over all these mistakes! 
I thought I did quite a nice job basting my Dream On quilt and set out to try out some straight line quilting. I went really well on the City Weekend baby quilt and I thought I was finally starting to even like my walking foot. But damn it! PUCKERS! I don't know if this one is just too big and is tugging too much with it's weight, or if I just suck at straight line quilting. I have a Bernina 440 QE and it should be able to handle this. I'm bound and determined to get this one perfect. So I'm spending this morning during Lucy's naptime unpinning all 300 pins and tearing out the quilting I already did. Not my idea of fun. I'm trying to go without spray basting since we're trying for another baby, but I may just have to get out the gas mask and douse this thing full of toxic goo.

Pattern inspiration

The other large pain in my arse today is my Kererra WIP. I've been making such progress and I've really been enjoying this knit - until I got to the shoulder. Take a closer look:

Pattern inspiration

Yikes! I've tried picking these stitches up three times already and the join looks like absolute crap. So this afternoon I'm off to my fabulous new LYS to be rescued. This shop just opened a few weeks ago near my house and I was thrilled to find the woman who taught me most of what I know is working there! So I pray Annelie can help me move past this, and hopefully I'll even learn something.

If anyone out there has any advice to offer, I would love to hear. But first, I'm taking Lucy on a nice long walk on this blue sky morning to blow off some steam and look for some motivation to tackle these projects again. And if any of you need a to vent a little crafty frustration, feel free to let it go here:)

And if you haven't entered in the City Weekend giveaway yet, it's still going so pop into my previous post and leave a comment!

Aaaargh!!!! {inspiration}