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Quilting Break
Pattern inspiration

Well, not really a break but I was in desperate need of some small projects to break up the quilt monotony. Don't you ever just need the satisfaction that comes with finishing a project quickly? I am really slow at the whole piecing process and I have a bunch of quilt tops underway I can't show just yet, and I was just starting to feel a bit buried under them all. It feels good to be in major finishing mode but sometimes a fun little break does just the trick to bring you back to the big projects with new momentum.

I was in need of a new, roomy knitting bag to tote around my Kererra sweater WIP, and after seeing all these cute Jane bags pop up I thought it would make a great project bag too, with it's big pockets to hold needles and markers, and yarn inside. I've had the pattern on my to-do list for awhile and had been itching to cut into these particular fabrics for a long time too. I finished it in a night!

Now most grown up women may not be able to get away with carrying around a faux bois bag with fairy tale trim  but I couldn't really care less what those people think anyways and all the women at my LYS already think I'm a big weirdo. And I just love how it turned out.

Pattern inspiration

My Kerrera sweater is coming along beautifully too. I'm really trying to practice project monogamy with this one so I can finish it soon. The rainy days and dropping temperatures are good incentive to get it done so I can cozy up in it! 

When I finish it I have plans to knit this and this and this and this! Lofty goals? Yeah.

Pattern inspiration

I also brought out this stack of goodies to make some more fun kitchen potholders. After receiving my awesome ones from Jeni in the Urban Home Goods Swap, it made me realize I need to get rid of all my old hole-y, burnt ones. Lots of cooking and baking goes on around here starting this time of year so the more pretty things in my kitchen the better! I'm also planning on ordering some of these new dishtowels!

Pattern inspiration

It's so fall-ish here today and I love it. I'm thinking of braising some short ribs for when Mark returns from the vineyards tomorrow and the first loaf of squash bread for the year. Is it feeling like fall where you are? Do you have any cozy rituals to bring in the season?


Quilting Break {inspiration}