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Soon to be a quilt....(and the state of my crafty mess)
Before we get to the grim part of this post, how about a pretty picture?

Pattern inspiration

Ever since I purchased all six colorways of the Kei Kerchief girls, I knew I wanted a quilt to showcase them with some of my other favorite prints. I love all these blocks so much, but I'm not totally sure how they will end up in the final product. Any suggestions are welcomed!

On to the next subject: my total lack of organization. I debated showing you these pictures, because as you know, all of us here in bloggy land love to paint a picture of sheer perfection in all aspects of our lives, right? Haha. Well one area of my life that has been in total disarray is my crafty space. My fabric, notions and all 437 WIPs I have going have started taking over every corner of our home. This has become a large bone of contention between my husband and I! This is a man who is completely tolerant of my fabric mania, but would prefer not to have to clear it out of the way in order to eat dinner at the kitchen table. Understandably so.

So this weekend I removed our unused guest bed (no one wants to stay over when you live in a tiny house with a toddler in the next room anyhow) and set out to convert the spare room into my sewing space. This, my friends, is only part of my stash. Horrifying or fabulous, depending on how you look at it, I guess. But definitely in need of some serious organizing!

Pattern inspiration

One of the first things I did after starting the move was put up my Spiderweb WIP on the new "design wall" (aka) a large piece of batting). I'm ready to start working on that again as soon as I finish a few swaps and bee blocks. I've got some new bins and shelving, and cute oilcloth to cover this poor excuse for a table, and today I'm going to make a valance for the window. I'm hoping soon I'll be able to show you a much more tidy and workable space that I sew in!

Pattern inspiration

Lucy and I are off now to her first day of school! Baby gym! It feels like fall is here today, and I'm more than ready for that.

Soon to be a quilt....(and the state of my crafty mess) {inspiration}