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Bachelorette Party Ideas #25: Scavenger Hunt

A bachelortte party scavenger hunt gives your friends a mission and will help girls that don't know each other bond—not to mention you might just find yourself in a little bit of trouble. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Remember the JK wedding dance that turned into a YouTube sensation? Recreate the dance. In public. 

  • Take a photo at a romantic spot in your city, like the top of Empire State building, or the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago.

  • Find a t-shirt or other paraphernalia from the groom’s college.

  • Ask a couple who has been married for 25+ years for advice.

  • Find a penny from the year the groom was born.

  • Bring back a pack of matches/cocktail napkin from the bar or restaurant where the bride and groom had their first date.

  • Karaoke to “their song”.

  • Crash a wedding that’s going on tonight. Bring back proof.

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Bachelorette Party Ideas #25: Scavenger Hunt {by Mooqla}